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  • Mariana Baião Santos

Maison Georges Hobeika Fall 2024 – Regal Reimagined

A celebration of youthful expression and regal heritage.

From the glamour of Monaco to the chic streets of Los Angeles, the offspring of contemporary “royalty” converge, with homes nestled in the heart of Paris or along the shores of Saint Tropez. They are the custodians of family legacies, their wardrobes brimming with timeless designs, yet they yearn to reinvent regal codes in their own image. Enter Maison Georges Hobeika (Instagram) and their Fall-Winter 2024/25 collection, a jubilant escapade into joyful, fresh modernity—a testament to the conflicting desires of youth: the urge to conform and the quest for self-expression.

Embracing this spirited generation, Maison Georges Hobeika liberates its traditional codes—embroidery, embellishment, and tailoring—granting them newfound freedom in a space of understated elegance. The narrative unfolds with a dress borrowed from a maternal archive, infused with timeless chic but reimagined with a contemporary twist.

Tweed is the hero of the season, its “grown-up” texture infused with playful vitality across oversized separates. Dresses crafted from duchesse satin, silk crepe, and mousseline hug the body with an air of confidence and control, eschewing overt sexuality for an aura of sophistication. The collection seamlessly melds elements of 80s glamour with a youthful, nature-inspired aesthetic, featuring whimsical motifs of clouds and flowers.

Evening gowns take centre stage, with a stunning array of silhouettes and embellishments that exude timeless sophistication, blending techniques of haute couture with contemporary flair. Silver accents sparkle amidst dreamy swirls, evoking a sense of ethereal beauty; cut-outs, a trend prevalent this season, make a bold statement, adding an element of contemporaneity and androgynous blazers offer a twist, blurring the lines between masculine and feminine aesthetics.

Maison Georges Hobeika’s iconic embroidery receives a minimalist makeover, reflecting the perspective of a new generation. Charming bows adorn garments and accessories, punctuating a vibrant pastel palette dominated by mint green, berry red, orange, and latte beige.

Accessories serve as conduits of generational transmission, as classic pearls are juxtaposed with daring, abstract designs in statement earrings. Handbags exude a reinvented vintage allure, blending leather and tweed with the recurring minaudiere shape stealing the spotlight.

Footwear mirrors the season’s essential tweed, with sandals and kitten heels adorned with signature bows. Hairbands, modern crowns of glory, take on geometric twists, embodying the essence of contemporary edge.

Set against the idyllic backdrop of a Jardin d’Hiver, Maison Georges Hobeika’s Fall 2024 collection radiates joy and modernity while paying homage to the past. It celebrates youthful freedom of expression, echoing the importance of identity with a playful spirit. A delightful antidote to the winter doldrums, this collection invites audiences to embrace reinvention and revel in the joy of self-discovery.

Originally published on Yung Magazine


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